Designed specifically for PTACs and other government-funded business assistance centers, impact is a complete customer relationship management package. Tracking client details, from socio-demographic and economic information to counseling and contract award activity to training events, is a snap. And the infinite reporting options keep meaningful client data at your fingertips.

About CMS
CRM CMS has been providing CRM solutions to PTACs and other business assistance centers since 1986. The varied needs of the centers that we serve has led us to the conclusion that when it comes to CRM software, one size does not fit all. That is why we pride ourselves in offering stellar support of impact and customizing many features and reports based on user needs. Our desire is to promote the center and the services they offer, not ourselves. That's why we have taken the approach of private-labeling all interfaces seen by the small businesses that utilize the assistance center’s services. They won't see our name or logo, but rather will see those of the center. Our desire is to be transparent. And we provide unlimited technical support at no additional cost, so there’s never a hidden fee.

Data Entry
Since proper data entry is key to managing an effective database, we have designed the interface to be intuitive and flexible. And the robust query capabilities ensure that program managers and counselors can find the client data they are looking for, when they need it. Those queries can then be saved and used as building blocks for sending eBlasts or running custom reports.

Contracting Opportunities
The Bid Search component empowers the center to find and deliver pertinent government contracting opportunities to their clients on a daily basis. Not only can a search profile be created for a company, but a different search profile can be created for each individual within that company.

Procurement Sources Searched Daily

System for Award Management (SAM) -
System for Award Management, or SAM for short, is the government-wide single-point-of-entry on the Internet for all Federal government contracting opportunities. It lists all major Federal government solicitations, contract awards, subcontracting opportunities, and surplus property sales. SAM is where the Federal government must announce their proposed contracts expected to exceed $25,000.

Miscellaneous Federal Sites
Many federal agency sites list procurement opportunities valued at less than $25,000, such as ASFI, NASA, NECO, and GPO. Other federal agency sites list grant and forecast data, like, DoD TechMatch, US Department of Education Grants Forecast, and US Environmental Protection Agency Procurement Forecasts.

Defense Logistics Agency (DLA) -
The DLA Internet Bid Board System (DIBBS) provides Requests For Quotations (RFQs) on supply items for the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA). These are valued under $100,000 with the majority being under $25,000.

International Sites
A few of the many foreign government sites searched daily by CMS are Merx and many other Canadian sites, the United Nations Development Programme, and The Indian Government Tenders Information System.

Non-Federal Sites
This general category includes daily procurement opportunities from over 3000 state, city, and local government entities.

DLA Compliance
Scoring the center's performance for DLA reporting is a snap because of the unique color coding system. Those clients that are considered active by DLA's definition are highlighted in green, while those that will no longer be considered active at the end of the current month (unless qualifying activity is entered) are highlighted in yellow. And any that are no longer considered active, are highlighted in red. When all data entry is complete, the 1806 and all associated audit detail reports are produced with the click of a button. And progress toward center goals can be seen graphically.